Monday, April 29, 2013


Last Saturday, the weather was fine and, in the morning, I decided to go together with some friends to a retail nursery to get some more plants for my kitchen garden. The retail nursery is not far from my cottage and it supplies many small farms in the vicinities of Lisbon. 

I was surprised when upon reaching that place, I saw people queuing up to buy tomatoes, melons, parsley, coriander, mint, etc. As I looked at them, I thought ‘Ah, they are like me, they have a kitchen garden and want to grow their favourite vegetables and herbs'. These are pretty to look at, bursting with flavour, and far fresher than those pricy little packets at the store, either they are or not apparently fresh.

While queuing up, what a surprise! Other friends showed up... an unscheduled get-together at the fields, LOL! After doing our shopping we all moved to a tea-house nearby, where we chatted, had coffee and indulged ourselves with slices of yummy cakes.

On the way back my cottage I thought how things had changed since the days when farmers were the only clients of that retail nursery. Nowadays, the number of clients has expanded as more and more people have embraced such a ‘profitable’ hobby. Is it the real sustainability???

Spring is here in full swing for the sake of our gardens. I hope when temperatures climb up, undesirable visitors like ravenous blister beetles don't find my garden very inviting to the point of invading it.

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Tuesday, April 16, 2013


For the first time, this year, I did play golf wearing short sleeves. It happened last weekend, when the sun decided to present us with a very fine day. What a fantastic present!

The golf course seemed to be more beautiful than ever... like a smooth carpet!

Dotted here and there with flowers showing us that spring has awoken after a long-lasting sleep...

Even this duckling looked like wondering whether that warm sunshine was a dream or the reality! 

Birds were chirping their unique songs as they jumped from one branch to another. 
After an uncommonly long winter, we deserve the fantastic light that we are used to be bathed in, don' you think?

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Thursday, April 04, 2013


Near my cottage (Sintra)

Water-colouring is one of my favourite hobbies. Recently, the weather has been not fine at all. Rain and wind have been making me depressed and in mood to do nothing at all.

As soon as the sun will shine, I will rush to my cottage, where all my painting materials have been sleeping for a long time already. How happy they will be as they wake up for a new season!

Normally, I wake up early in the morning when the light is soft and the birds start chirping and inspiring me to make the most of my hobby.

Nature and housing are my favourite subjects. When I´m painting, time flies like an arrow as I am completely immersed in my pastime. 

The weekend is off the corner, time to wish you wonderful days wherever you are, whatever you will do.

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